Transporte de mercancías entre Madrid y Mallorca

  • 48-hour transit time from Madrid to Mallorca.
  • Posibilidad de cargas completas.
  • We work all types of merchandise: parcels, pallets, heavy industrial machinery, electrical appliances, longs, bicycles, motorcycles, etc …
  • From 1 kg to 5,000 kgs.
  • Most deliveries in Palma de Mallorca are made during the morning.
  • The Madrid warehouse is located in Coslada and the Mallorca warehouse in P.I. They are Castelló. Both situations are strategic to optimize the route. It allows a great use of schedules in Madrid and a fast delivery in Palma de Mallorca as it is in the most important industrial estate in Mallorca.
  • Traffic from Mallorca to Madrid has a transit time of 72 hours.

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